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Class 10 English Chapter 3 His First Flight Summary

Chapter Sketch of  ‘His First Flight ‘

“Two Stories About Flying” includes experiences of a young seagull and a professional pilot under the two titles ‘His First Flight’ and ‘Black Aeroplan respectively. These are accounts of the thrill and fear that mark the ‘first-time’ experience of an individual. The young seagulls native flight and the miraculous safe landing of a pilot include the common elements of risk, reluctance, courage and success. The reader’s interest is kept intact by the description about the emotional turmoil of the two ‘fliers!

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Two Stories About Flying By Liam O’Flaherty

A young seagull sat alone on a ledge. He was trying to muster courage to fly for the first time. The previous day, his sister and his two brothers had already learnt to fly. However, he was afraid to fly and thus he just looked on quietly. Whenever he came to the brink of the ledge to attempt to flap his wings, the vast stretch of sea below terrified him. He was not confident that his wings would support him, so he rushed back to his hole under the ledge and slept for the night. He could not gather the courage to take the plunge in spite of the fact that he had seen his brothers and sister rush to the brink and fly away smoothly. Even the encouraging words of his parents, their yelling and their scolding, failed to make him fly.

After sometime, the baby seagull’s parents felt frustrated and went away. All through the day, he watched his parents teach his brothers and sister the fine art of flying, swimming and diving for fish. He watched his elder brother catch his first herring (a fish) and swallow it. The parents circled round him cackling proudly. All through the next morning, the entire family walked on the big plateau on the opposite cliff. They appeared to be jeering at him for his cowardice. As the sun ascended the sky, the young seagull started feeling hungry. He had not eaten anything since the previous evening. He tried to attract his parent’s attention by pretending to sleep. Still, they took no notice of him.

His brothers and sister were dozing on the plateau with their heads hidden in the necks. Nobody paid any attention to him, except his mother. She was eating a fish that lay at her feet. He was mad with hunger and wanted to tear that food away from her. He repeatedly sharpened his beak, signalling his mother to give him some food. She, in turn, was in no mood to help him. Still, she picked a piece of fish and flew closer to him. She did not give it to him but withdrew the moment she came close. It was as if she were trying to tempt him. This surprised the baby seagull. Mad with hunger, he dived towards the fish and fell outwards and downwards in the space, giving a loud scream.

He was terrified and felt as if his heart would stop beating. He could not hear anything. But this terrorstricken state lasted just for a minute and soon he found his wings spreading out, the wind rushing against the wings, under his breast and stomach. Gradually, his wings started cutting through the wind and he began to soar. He was fearless now and rose upwards. His parents appreciated and encouraged him by flying by his side. His brothers and sister too flew close to him.

This maiden attempt at flying turned out to be a success. He flew fearlessly over the vast sea and enjoyed the scene down below. His brothers, sister and parents sat on the “green flooring” ahead of him and called him. He sat on the green sea and felt his legs sinking downwards and screamed with fright. He felt tired and was unable to rise because of exhaustion. But when his belly touched the surface, he sank no farther and started floating. All the members of his family applauded him as he had successfully accomplished his first flight.

Detailed Summary Of Class 10 Chapter 3 His First Flight Notes

The Young Seagull’s Fear of Flying

The young Seagull was alone on his ledge (clif). Realising his madness for the food, hismother tried His two brothers and his sister had alreadylearnt to fly The young Seagull was afraid to fly fish in the manner the young seagull loved to eat.because of the long stretch and depth of the sea. This sight maddened the young seagull. Then, the He thought that his wings will not support him. mother flew nearer to him which filled young So, he ran back to his hole on the ledge.

The Mother’s Trick

Realising his madness for the food, his mother triedto tempt him with pieces of fish. Initially, she tore thefish in the manner the young seagull loved to eat.This sight maddened the young seagul. Then, themother flew nearer to him which filled youngSeagull with joy.However, the mother stopped near the edge ofthe ledge. Out of excitement and hunger, theyoung Seagull ran towards the mother and dived for the fish.

Parents Leave the Young Seagull Alone

Twenty four hour passed and no body camenear him. All the day, the young Seagull watched his parents teaching his brothers andsister how to fly. The whole family taunted theyoung Seagull for his cowardice.

The Joy of Flight

Initially, the Seagull was scared and screamedwith fear when he dived. But soon he felt hiswings spread outwards and he began to fly slowlydownwards and upwards. He was no longer afraid of flying.
The Hungry SeagullAs the time passes, the young Seagull could not tolerate the hunger and the heat. He moves closer to the ledge and pretends to fall asleep but nobody takes notice of him. Only his mother noticed him. She was standing high on he plateau with a fish. As the young Seagull saw the food, he felt more hungry.

The Family’s Celebration

As the young Seagull landed on the green sea, his legs sank into it. He tried to fly again but he was tired and weak with hunger. Finally, his feet sank into the green sea, his belly touched it and he was floating on it. The family members praised him and offered him pieces of dog- fish as he had finally made his first flight.


“His First Flight” conveys the message that self-reliance is very important and parents should encourage their children to have strong self-belief. They should know that in order to overcome fear the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. The mother seagull persuades the young one to get him to learn flying. This finally makes the baby seagull take the plunge and he flaps his wings to fly away freely and independently.

Word Meanings

Seagull- a bird that lives near the sea and has short legs, long wings, and white and grey feathers Ledge- a narrow horizontal shelf projecting from a wall (or here) a cliff
Brink- the extreme edge of land before a steep slope or a body or water
Expanse- a wide continuous area of something
Flapped- (of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly
Muster- gather
Plunge- jump or dive
Shrilly- with a high pitched and piercing voice or sound
Upbraiding- scold
Herring- a soft-finned sea fish
Devour- eat quickly
Cackle- laugh in a loud, harsh way
Cowardice- lack of bravery
Ascending the sky- the act of rising up through the air
Preening-to tidy and clean its feathers
Hump- a rounded raised mass of earth or land
Scrapped- discard
Derisively- in a manner expressing contempt or ridicule.
Plaintively- sad
Uttered- make a sound with one’s voice
Halted- stopped
Monstrous- horrible
Seized- grab
Headlong- with the head foremost
Soaring- flying or rising high in the air
Swooped- (especially of a bird) move rapidly downwards through the air
Curvetting- perform a series of jumps on the hind legs
Shrilly- loudly and forcefully
Ridges- a long, narrow hilltop, mountain range, or watershed
Cawed- utter a caw

Conclusion of -Two Stories About Flying ‘His First Flight’

The first part of the story teaches us that the inner strength of the person is always helpful in overcoming difficult situations, while the second part teaches us that we should not risk the lives of others to fulfil our dreams.

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