[PART 2] The Black Aeroplane Class 10 Summary | Class 10 English Ch 3 summary

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Class 10 English Chapter 3 The Black Aeroplane Summary


The story is based on the theme that there is a divine Power that controls and guides human effort. The pilot of the Dakota could not have asked for an easier flight when he started from Paris. However, the sudden change in the flying conditions brings him close to death.It is at this time that a guide-plane appears mysteriously and rescues him. This plane disappears as mysteriously as it had appeared. But, itrescues the life of the narrator. So, the courage of the pilot to fly tosafety is guided by supernatural elements.

Explanation Of CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 3 The Black Aeroplane

In The explanation Of Class 10 English Chapter 3 The Black Aeroplane Summary I try to cover the NCERT whole theory in short this will save your time and you can cover it easily. This to me saver notes will also help in the revision in the exam time, You can also say this as Class 10 English Chapter 3 The Black Aeroplane Summary and short notes. Lets crack the exam with Class 10 English Chapter 3 The Black Aeroplane Summary

Two Stories About Flying By Liam O’Flaherty

It was a clear starry night with a bright moon coming up in the east.The author was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France and was on his way back home to England. He was thinking about enjoying his holidays with his family. If was just past one o’clock in the morning when he thought of getting in touch with theParis control room. He saw some lights of a big city and switched on his radio.

After giving the details of his location, he sought directions for his destination England. The Paris Control Room responded immediately and guided him to turn twelve degrees west. He followed the instructions, switched over to his second and last fuel tank, and hoped to reach home in time for breakfast. Everything was moving according to plan and it was an easy flight. When he reached 150 kilometres away from Paris, he saw a huge, black and ominous cloud ahead of him.

It was like a dark mountain.He was unable to rise up and fly over it and did not have sufficient fuel to circle around either South or North of it. He was keen to reach home for a rich English breakfast, so he decided not to go back to Paris. He took the risk and flew his Dakota straight into the cloud. Once inside, everything changed suddenly and he was unable to see anything.

To his utter surprise, the compass of his aeroplane stopped functioning and other instruments too suddenly went dead. His attempts to get in touch with Paris control room also proved futile. The radio was dead too and he was lost in the storm. Suddenly, he saw a black aeroplane flying next to his Dakota.The pilot of this plane turned to him and signalled to follow. He turned his plane slowly towards North and flew ahead of him.

The author followed his guide like an obedient child. Both the planes flew for half an hour when the author noted that his fuel would last just for five to ten minutes. He was terrified. But just then he found his guide-pilot going down. This relieved him and all of a sudden, he came out of the stormy clouds and saw “two straight lines of light” ahead of him. It was a runway. He turned around to look for his guide but couldn’t see him anymore.

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The Black Aeroplane Summary

The black aeroplane had suddenly disappeared.However, he landed safely and walked away from his old Dakota to the control rooms. When he asked where he was and who the other pilot was, so that he could thank him, the lady in-charge at the control room looked at him in a strange manner and laughed. She told him that there was no other pilot or aeroplane. All flights had been cancelled owning to the rough weather. His was the only plane that could be spotted on the radar. The identity of the divine guide who had rescued him always remained a mystery for the author.

The Black Aeroplane Summary The narrator was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France back to England at night.The sky was clear and moon was shining. He was dreaming of his holiday and looking forward to be with his family. It was 1:30 in the morning. He called the Paris Control to getinstructed about the way. Paris Control advised him to turn 12 degrees West.

Appearance of Storm Clouds

When the narrator reached 150 km beyond Paris, he suddenly saw huge storm clouds infront of him. He knew that it was not possible to fly up and over the clouds. He also did not have enough fuel to go around the clouds. First, he thought of going back to Paris. However, the thought of breakfast with his family, made him determined to fly through the clouds.

A Risky but Brave Decision

The narrator decided to take the risk and flew into the storm, but everything went out of control. He was unable to see because everything outside the plane was black. The aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air. His compass stopped working. He tried to contact the Paris Control for directions but his radio had also stopped working. Consequently, he was totally lost in the storm.

A Black Aeroplane Appears

Luckily, he saw another black aeroplane near him. The pilot in black aeroplane raised his hand and signalled the narrator to follow him.

Narrator Follows Black Aeroplane

The narrator followed the black aeroplane for about half an hour. Now, he could only fly the plane for five or ten minutes. He felt frightened again. But suddenly he saw two straight lines of lights ahead of him on the ground. They were the lights of an airport’s runway. He was able to land safely which gave him a sigh of relief.

The Black Aeroplane Remains a Mystery

After landing, the narrator went to the control centre of the airport. He asked the woman in the control centre about the mysterious plane. However, the woman told him that there was no other plane flying except his on such a stormy night. The narrator was surprised at this. He wondered who had helped him.

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Conclusion of -Two Stories About Flying ‘The Black Aeroplane’

The story conveys the message that courage is guided by faith. The pilot of the Dakota plane was an experienced flier but he panicked when he got engulfed by the black storm. Still, he kept trying to reach to safety with the help of the guiding instruments in his plane. When all the instruments too got jammed, he suddenly found a mysterious black plane that guided him.

It was perhaps the pilot’s courage that gave him faith and he managed to find his way out of the storm. So faith is very important to guide courage in the proper direction. The story also gives the message that one must never give up in the face of adverse times. Difficulties should be taken by the horns and hope should not be abandoned.

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