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Op Tandon Organic Chemistry Pdf Free Download: Op Tandon is One of the Most Respected and Widely Used Books in the Science Field of Competitive Exams. Op Tandon Publication is Widely Trusted by Many Students and Teachers and Publishes Really Good Books With Quality Content.

About The Author – Dr. OP Tandon

In the field chemistry, OP Tandon is really a very well-respected and popular name. There would be barely a teacher or any science student who wouldn’t know the designated position of OPTandon in the education space of India. His explanations are really easy to learn and deep too and can provide valuable knowledge to students in a very less time period and play a significant role in his preparations. Covering all the topics and giving really good questions OPTandon makes concepts clear for IIT-JEE and NEET.

Key Features Of Op Tandon Organic Chemistry Book Free PDF

  • Chemistry PDF will cover all the organic chemistry related topics 
  • Published by one of the best authors
  • Numerical questions are also contained in the op tandon organic chemistry
  • Based on the latest pattern release by NTA
  • dedicated sections for both numerical and theoretical problems of a chapter 
  • Op Tandon Organic Chemistry PDF contains questions and concepts of both beginners and advanced levels
  • various sample papers, past papers, in it. 
  • best book to study for IIT-JEE and NEET
  • Op Tandon Organic Chemistry book Students can also study about logs.
  • Op Tandon organic chemistry PDF is totally free for anyone and can study it easily


  • Introduction To Organic Chemistry
  • Molecular Analysis Of Organic Chemistry
  • Classification And Nomenclature Of Organic Compound
  • Isomerism
  • Mechanics Of Organic chemistry
  • Saturated Aliphatic Hydrocarbon AND Unsaturated Hydrocarbon
  • Alcohol
  • Halogenated Aliphatic Hydrocarbon
  • Ether
  • Aldehyde And Ketone
  • Carboxylic Acid
  • Acid Derivative
  • Nitrogen-Containing Compound
  • Aromatic Compound (Benzene And Its Derivatives
  • Organic Compound In Service Of Mankind
  • Problem Based On Reaction And Structure Of OrganCompound

FAQ’s About Op Tandon

Is Op tandon good for organic chemistry?

Ans – Op tandon is one of the most recommended books for chemistry in the world of entrance exams. The book explains concepts really in a easy and focuses equally on numerical and theoretical problems

Is Op tandon enough for IIT

Ans – Op tandon is a great book focussing on concepts and also has dedicated sections for both theoretical and numerical questions which makes it a necessary book for students preparing for entrance exams and can really help you in clearing JEE.

Is Op Tandon a good book for organic chemistry

Ans- Op tandon is a great book focussing on concepts and also has dedicated sections for both theoretical and numerical questions. It is really a good option for NEET students to study organic chemistry from OP Tandon organic chemistry as it will really help them in understanding the concepts

Is Op tandon good for physical chemistry of JEE Mains    

 Ans – in the world of entrance exams op tandon books are considered the finest to study chemistry. It not only provides you with the best questions but will also explain concepts in a simple manner .

Are GRB books good for NEET

Ans- all the toppers and teachers will always recommend GRB books for the preparation of NEET due to its unique way of explaining concepts.

Is Op tandon better than MS Chauhan

Ans – This is really a  tough comparison to do, both books have their own pros and cons . To cover the theory part and questions OP tandon is really a good option to go with

Which are the best books for theory for JEE

Ans-  when it comes to the theory part for the Preparation of JEE there are many books but the best to go with GRB op tandon , MS chauhan and solomon.

How many pages are there in op tandon organic chemistry book 

Ans – op tandons organic chemistry book consists of 515 paperback pages or say 1030 total pages in it making it a long book as it has all the concepts in it and contains a numerous amount of questions


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Op Tandon Organic Chemistry Pdf :- We Hope That You Like the Book Op Tandon Free Organic Chemistry Pdf and Will Provide You With Great Assistance in Your Life. Op Tandon is a Great Author of Chemistry Books . I Hope You Will Also Like if We Will Come With More Pdfs in Future Like Op Tandon Physical Chemistry Pdf – Op Tandon Organic Chemistry PDF


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