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If you’re looking to buy Arihant’s All in One books of Class 10, you can download all of them as PDFs for free. Simply click on the link below, and you will be directed to where you can download these PDFs for free! The free PDFs include Class 10 Science and Mathematics A, Social Science and English B, Hindi A and B books.

About Arihant Publication

Arihant Publications is a leading educational book publisher based in New Delhi, India. It was established by the Arihant brothers namely Shri Aryaram Birla, Shri Ramniklal Birla, and Shri Hariram Birla, in 1951. The company publishes books on more than fifty subjects including competitive exams books, mathematics, and science books (for Classes 5th to 12th). Other leading publications include Arpit Publishing House and Orient Blackswan.

Why Choose a Class 10 Arihant All in One PDF Book?

You’re a bookworm, and you want to do your Class 10 as well as as many extra-curricular activities as you can. Perhaps, a day doesn’t pass when you don’t read a book. Therefore, we suggest that you download an all in one book for class 10 by Arihant Publication. You will not regret it! Trust us!

What is included in Class 10 All in one books?

Arihant All in one books of Class 10 include Science, Mathematics, Social Science, English and Hindi Books. Each book is divided into two parts: Part 1 contains all notes from class 10 science part 2 contains notes from class 10 social science. In addition to that there are also class 10 maths book Arihant All in one and Arihant All in one Class 10 English Book.

Each topic with its main objective is explained briefly

The various topics in each subject are explained in detail in their own books. In all, there are five books, one each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English. Each book has seven or eight main units. In an average secondary school student’s curriculum, it covers all that is taught in a year or two years. Thus these books help to score more marks in the class 10 board exam and other competitive exams like JEE Mains, IIT JEE, etc.

Main notes with important formulas and diagrams

Arihant all in one book of class 10 contains all main points, examples, and diagrams of class 10 science, maths, English, and social. Arihant Class 10 math contains various main formulas with examples in each chapter. These formulas are important and they will be helpful while solving any type of Maths based problem in your exams. While studying science topics like chemistry, biology, etc you will find diagrams to explain certain key points or important functions that you need to know about during your course.

Expected Questions from all the chapters for better revision

Download here Chapterwise Expected Questions from all the books of Class 10. These questions are more than enough to crack your exams with good marks. Download here (pdf) Expected Questions of Science, Social Science, Mathematics and English chapters by Arihant download here (pdf) Expected Questions of Hindi chapter by Arihant download here (pdf)

ARIHANT Class 10 All in one Book Review

Arihant Class 10th Edition Book is considered to be one of the best books of their time. It covers all topics, and learning becomes easy with these books. This book provides you with complete knowledge of the entire syllabus required by CBSE board. It includes Science, Maths, Social Science, English, and Hindi Books along with concept revision. This book are written in a very simple manner and it covers each topic thoroughly.

Download Arihant All In One Class 10 All Subjects PDF For Board Exams 2022-2023

You Can Download Class 10 Arihant All in One Pdf Free Pdf Download With All Subjects English, Hindi, Math, Science and Social Science. The Following Link of Arihant is Good for Your All Subjects of High School Level. The Size of All Books Combined is More Than 50 Mb So if You Have Low Internet Speed Then You Need to Wait for Some Time. But if You Are a Regular User of Other Sites Then Your Internet Speed Must Be Good So That You Can Download Books Easily.


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