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Class 10 Chapter 1 A Letter To God Notes with Summary

Chapter Sketch of A Letter To The God

This story recounts the hard life and a extreme faith in God of a poor farmer named (Lencho) lived in mountain of the city who has lost his crop due to heavy rainfall and hailstones. Him total Crop was the only source of income to fulfil his family’s needs and desires. He is a firmly believers of a God , he think that God will help him in such a difficult situation and would not let him alone and his family die due to hunger and Starvation.
He decided to writes a letter to the God to seek help. He lencho letter was found to Some kind good employees of the post office who decided to helped him. So, this story tells us to have faith in God and never lose hope in difficult and adverse situations. And Always do hard work no problem what is happening. 

About the Characters In A Letter to God

Lencho – Lencho was a name of Farmer . He is a poor farmer who lives on the crest of a low hill if the town with his family. He was a blind and deepest believer of God. He is innocent, hopeful, caring and responsible.
Postmaster – The  Post master is the employees of post office, Which is A fat, amiable fellow who helped Lencho to retain his faith in God. He gave a part of his salary in the charity for Lencho on behalf of God without telling him name.
Post Office Employees – People who helped Lencho in adverse situation on postmaster’s call. They first laughed at Lencho when they saw the letter they totally shocked  and helped him in his need. Lencho called them “a bunch of crooks”.

Explanation Of Class 10 English Chapter 1 – A Letter To God

A Letter to God by G.L Fuentes Class 10

The story “A Letter to God” Is written by G.L. Fuentes depicts unwavering faith of a farmer in God. It begins with a farmer, who’s named is Lencho expecting for a good rain shower to nourish his field of corn. He is very confident about his harvest that this will going to yield him huge profits just like it does every year. To his utmost excitement, rainfall did happen and Lencho compared rain fall with 5 and 10 cent coins but sooner, this rainfall turned into a hailstorm which destroyed his whole crop field.

The damage by hailstorm posed a threat to the family’s survival as their entire livelihood was dependent on the year’s produce. Although disheartened, the family had robust belief in the almighty.


Lencho, despite having worked day and night at the field, also knew how to write and thus, he decided to write a letter to God explaining his adverse situation and asking for help of money. He went to town to post his letter addressed “To God”. This  letter is being noticed by the fellow postmaster, who initially amused him, but then motivated him to do something for the farmer facing difficulty to keep his immense belief in God.

He contributes money from his salary and collects money from his colleagues and friends at post office who willingly contributed for an act of charity. To his dismay, he could only collect 70 pesos which he wrapped in an envelope to make it seem like a reply from the deity


On having found the letter, the writer (Lencho) is not at all shocked, because he is innocent and a blind believer of God but instead, he gets angry on finding that the amount is less than what he had expected to get. He again writes a letter to God conveying his disappointment and distrust in the employees of the post office who he thought had stolen the remaining amount of 30 pesos. Although,

his wishes get fulfilled partially, if not completely, he is ungrateful in the end and questions the honesty and modesty of the post-masters who actually helped him with money (anonymously) in the name of god. He called the post office employees ” A brunch of crooks “.

Detailed Summary Of A Letter to God

Lencho’s house and crop needs rain
Lencho was a true farmer and had his lonely house in the crest of hills in valley. It was situated on the top of a low hill of the city. From there one could see the whole city, near by river and the fields. Lencho had a good corn crop. But it needed and requires rains badly.

The rain begins and rain drops are like new coins
Lencho saw the sky in the north direction. It had rainy clouds. His wife was preparing the supper(dinner) . He told her that God willing it would a good rain. Soon the big drops of rain began to fall. Lencho went out to feel the rain on his body. He was very happy and glad. He said that the drops of rain were like newly gold and silver coins. The big drops were ten cent pieces and the little ones were worth of five cent each. as this Rain will give Good harvest.

The rain converts into huge hailstorm and destroys the crop

but soon the rain covert into hailstorms everywhere. Hailstorms resembled silver coins. The house, the fields and the hillside were covered with the white hails of hailstorms. Not a leaf remained on the trees. The corn crop was totally destroyed. Lencho was sorrowful. They would have no corn crop this year.

Lencho writes Letter to God as he has complete faith in god
Lencho was very sad but he had a single hope that is help from God. He had learned from people and was sure that no one dies of hunger. God takes care of everyone on this earth. He had a great belief in God. The following Sunday he went to the nearby post office. He wrote a letter
to God to help him to send him hundred pesos. He wrote ‘God ‘ as the address.

The Postmaster collects money for Lencho to keep his faith in god 
An employee of the post office which received the letter showed this letter to the postmaster. The postmaster laughed seeing the address. He wished himself to have such a faith in God. He had had an idea to answer the letter. He read the letter and after reading the letter he found that the writer needed money.

The postmaster sympathized with the poor man (Lencho) and to keep his faith in God intact he decided to collect money from his friends and employees at post office and also gave his own contribution. The postmaster can collect only seventy pesos. He put the money in an envelope and addressed it to Lencho. He wrote a single word on it ‘God’ as a signature.

Lencho receives the money from God 
The following Sunday Lencho came to the post office. He asked to post office employees about the letter for him. He was given that letter. Lencho did not show any surprise on seeing the money in the letter. He got very angry when he counted the money and found only seventy pesos. He felt that God could not have made a mistake.

Lencho reply to the letter and he calls employees ‘a bunch of crooks’.
immediately Lencho wrote another letter to God. He put it into the mailbox. The postmaster opened it. Lencho had written in that letter that he had received only seventy pesos. But he had asked for hundred pesos. He asked God to send them the rest. But tell God to not send it through the mail. It was because the post office employees were bunch of crooks.

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KEY POINTS Of Chapter A Letter To God Class 10

  • Lencho is an honest farmer whose fields have a rich harvest of ripe corns
  • He is awaiting a good rainfall for his crops.
  • But unfortunately, hailstones destroy his crops completely.
  • Lencho’s crops had failed that year and he had only a single hope i.e. God!
  • He wrote a letter to God “God, my crops have failed and my family is going to starve. I need some money- hundred pesos.”
  • At the post office, the postmen saw such a queer letter and brought it to the postmaster.
  • The postmaster was a man of sympathy and understand a man like Lencho.
  • Postmaster observed that faith of Lencho was strong as a child’s so he decided to send an amount of hundred pesos to the poor farmer.
  • Hundred pesos was a huge amount, the postmaster was able to collect only seventy pesos.
  • However, he sent the money to Lencho.
  • Lencho received the money with a belief that God had helped him.
  • Lencho was sad and angry after counting the money as he received only seventy instead of hundred.
  • Lencho wrote another letter to God and dropped the letter in the same postbox and went.
  • The postmaster felt the biggest shock and shame in his life after opening Lencho’s second letter to God.
  • Lencho had written, “God, of the money that I had asked for, only seventy pesos reached me.
  • Send me the rest, since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the post because He believes the post office employees have taken away 30 pesos.
  • He considers the post office employees as dishonest and calls them a bunch of crooks.

Conclusion of A letter to God

From this lesson we can learn that Faith has the power to give us what we want, to fulfil our needs and dreams And However, one must realise that humanity in this world still prevails. 

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