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Characters of The Hack Driver Class 10

Oliver Lutkins (Bill Magnuson)

Lutkins was a delivery man at the New Mullion station. He was a red-faced rotund man of forty. He was a master trickster, a very cunning and smart person. He was an amiable and cheerful person who was good at making friends. He easily befriended the lawyer who had come to his village. Lutkins conveniently asked the lawyer about his purpose of coming and on learning that the lawyer had come to serve a summons to a man named Oliver Lutkins.

He instantly made a plan to get rid of the lawyer as he himself was Oliver Lutkins. He wanted to make the lawyer go back empty-handed. So, he decided to befool him by becoming a person named Bill and pretending to search for Oliver Lutkins all over the village. The villagers were known to the tricks of Lutkins so they too joined him in his prank of befooling the lawyer. However, he was good at business too as he used the situation and charged two dollars per hour from the lawyer.


The narrator was a hard-working young student who had just passed college and started working as a trainee in the law firm of repute. As it was his first job, he didn’t have any idea about the outer world and people. He was a naive young man. He was quite inexperienced and ignorant. He was assigned a job to serve summons to a man named Oliver Lutkins who lives in the village. The narrator didn’t like the unpleasant people and the village.

Also, he was used to getting beaten up occasionally by the people upon whom he had to serve the summons so he didn’t like his job and he often thought of fleeing back to his hometown to practice law. However, he proved to be an inexperienced and ignorant lawyer as he believed the hack driver without a doubt or cross-checking his information. He easily trusted all the lies that Lutkins told him and thus, became a subject of ridicule. However, this experience made him wiser about people.

The Hack Driver Class 10 Summary

The Narrator’s Grief at His Job

The narrator was a young student who recently completed his graduation with honours in law. He got a job as a trainee in a law firm of repute where his work was to serve summons to the people of the city. However, the narrator didn’t like his job as he had to experience the unpleasant city people who would occasionally beat him up for serving them summons.

Hence, he often wanted to leave the job and return to his home town to practice law. One day, he was assigned to go to a village called New Mullion that was forty miles away, to serve summons to a man named Oliver Lutkins. Lutkins was asked to appear in the court as a witness but he had ignored the letters sent to him by the law firm.

Narrator’s Experience at the Village

When the narrator reached the village, he felt very uncomfortable looking at the muddy streets and ill- maintained rows of wooden shops. At the station, he found a delivery man as a single person to be grace saving. The person was a forty-year-old red-faced man who and a bit rotund in the middle. He was a cheerful person who was good at conversation. The narrator found him likeable and friendly. He told his purpose of visiting the village to serve summons to Lutkins.

The delivery man was a ‘conman’ in real However, the delivery man claimed to know Lutkins very well and he offered the narrator to take him on a ride in search of Lutkins over the village. The fare for the ride was decided as two dollars per hour. The narrator disclosed that he had to board the afternoon train back to the city.

The Hack Driver Informs the Narrator about Lutkins

The narrator was touched by the warmth and amicability of the hack driver. The hack driver told the narrator that he owned a business called “William Magnuson Fancy Carting and Hacking and his name was Bill Magnuson. Both of them started their search for Lutkins from Fritz’s shop where Lutikins might have gone to try his hand at poker as per Bill. As the search for Lutkins progressed, Bill told the narrator that it was very difficult to find Lutkins as he had great skills at being dishonest.

The Hunt for Lutkins Continues

Bill then took the narrator to Fritz’s shop and asked the narrator to stand outside as he himself wanted to enquire about Lutkins in order to not let Lutkins become suspicious of the narrator. However on enquiring, Fritz told them that Lutkins was there a while ago and had probably gone to Gustaff’s for a shave. At Gustaff’s too, the narrator waited at the door but they couldn’t find Lutkins. Gustaff was annoyed at Lutkins as he owed to him a dollar and thirty-five cents.

One of the customers told them that he had just seen Lutkins walking by Main Street.Bill then assumed Lutkins had gone to Grey’s for a shave, where they discovered that Lutkins had departed only five minutes before and had gone to the poolroom. Lutkins had just departed to get a pack of smokes, they were told at the poolroom. Unfortunately, they always missed Lutkins by a few minutes.

The Narrator Takes a Meal with the Hack Driver

While they were looking for Lutkins, the narrator became hungry and asked Bill to take him to a restaurant. Bill promised to bring him food from his place, for which the nam narrator was charged half a dollar. Both of them sat on Wade’s Hill and ate their meals while admiring the scenery. Meanwhile, Bill was telling the narrator about the villagers and making fun of a few of them. The narrator enjoyed the chat with Bill because of the amusing description of the villages, while the latter fell in love with the place and its people.

The Hack Driver Takes the Narrator to Lutkins’ House

Bill drove the narrator to Lutkins’ residence after Bill and the narrator finished dining. The narrator had been cautioned by Bill about Lutkins’ mother, who stood around nine feet tall and four feet thick. When the two of them arrived at Lutkins’ residence, they discovered that Lutkins’ mother had no knowledge of his son’s movements. Bill, on the other hand, told her that they had a legal right to search the house for Lutkins.

Lutkins’ mother went into the kitchen and returned with a hot iron rod, which she used to thrash both men and force them out of the house.Both guys searched the home, the barn, and the bar but were unable to locate Lutkins. Lutkins’ mother laughed at the men the whole time, murder in her eyes. They finally left the residence because the narrator needed to catch a train back to town.

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The Narrator Returns to the City

The summons was not served on Oliver Lutkins because he was unable to be found. The narrator had to return to the city empty-handed, but he wasn’t unhappy because he was genuinely moved by the inhabitants of New Mullion’s warmth and friendliness. The narrator was overcome by the innocence of the people over there, and he believed he had discovered a new way of life. He considered settling permanently in the village and practising law there.

The Narrator Goes Back to New Mullion to Serve Summons

Everyone at work was annoyed by the narrator and assumed that his career was over even before it began. He was, however, invited to return to New Mullion the next day with someone who knew Lutkins. When they arrived at the New Mullion station, the narrator recognised Bill and told him that he was the one who assisted him in his search for Lutkins.

The Narrator’s companion quickly corrected the narrator’s error by pointing out that the guy referred to as ‘Bill’ is none other than Lutkins himself. When the summons was sent to ‘Bill,’ he and his mother taunted the narrator by offering him a cup of coffee at their neighbor’s house because they were the only family who had missed seeing the narrator the day before.


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