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About Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF

Rich Dad Poor Dad book is on the topic of finance and it has been written by Robert Kiyosaki. It is a great book that can help you to understand finance. This book was first published in 1997 and became an instant hit. The author explains about his two dads, one his biological father who was a well-educated salaried employee, and other was his best friend’s father who was a rich entrepreneur and investor. He learned from both these fathers and started investing at early age of 12 years old.

About Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

Rich Dad Poor Dad book has been written by Robert Kiyosaki This is a very nice, easy to read and powerful book that is based on personal experience of Robert Kiyosaki. This is a very informative, insightful and inspiring guide which teaches you how to take control of your financial future. You can download rich dad poor dad pdf from here. This Book Has Been Written By Author Robert T. Kyosaki <This part should talk about – This Book Has Been Written By Author Robert T.

Why Should I Read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

To put this into perspective, here are three reasons why you should read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.

It will teach you that you have a choice in life.

For too many people, life passes them by and they don’t realise they can choose how they want to live and how they want to make a living. As it is in our time, there are many ways to earn a living. As an alternative to staying in a job we dislike, this book encourages us to look for different ways to make money to be liberated from a difficult cycle.
By understanding your emotions when it comes to money, you will come to learn that it is necessary to master them.

put your emotions to work for you, rather than relying on them.

Even though it may be hard to master your emotions, it is possible. In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert’s dad emphasizes that the two emotions that most people are trapped by are fear and desire. Emotions like fear and desire can warp people’s judgment, leading them to make decisions that aren’t logical.
Simply choosing what you think can confront fears, weaknesses, and other emotions you may feel. This will also allow you to come up with different solutions to your money situation rather than letting your emotions rule over it.

It teaches you that you must learn when you grow up, because it never stops.

People often think that education is over after leaving compulsory schooling. This isn’t the case because there is no end to learning. If you want to increase your income or work for money rather than have it work for you, the key is learning about finance. Of course, money is necessary in today’s society to perform everyday tasks, but if you want to make more money you must increase your financial knowledge.

The Journey of Self-Development – A Guide From Robert Kiyosaki

The journey of self-development is a process whereby a person can learn to leverage his/her mind, heart and soul. While most people believe that money is power, Robert Kiyosaki says differently. In fact, he goes further by saying that poor people think they need money while rich people understand that it is their knowledge, skills and talents which give them power.
One of the key concepts in the book is what Kiyosaki calls the Cashflow Quadrant. It gave me an idea of what it takes to go from being poor to being rich.

It also made me realize I wasn’t doing any of it. Just the opposite, in fact, what I was doing was keeping me on the poor side of the quadrant

3 Key Takeaways From Rich dad poor dad book

The most powerful thing that I learned from rich dad poor dad book pdf is that we should always invest in assets and not liabilities. Liabilities are draining our money, assets will make us a passive income. Always choose assets over liabilities no matter what.

The central point of Kiyosaki’s message is that you don’t need to make a lot of money to be rich. He contends that many are too timid of being thought of as different to step out of the rat race. Out of all the people in the world, the vast majority of us let the two strongest human emotions—fear and greed—dominate our decisions in regard to money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF book review

The year 2000 was huge. I graduated high school, George W. Bush was elected president and a little-known author named Robert Kiyosaki released his book Rich Dad Poor Dad to a world of eager readers. The book introduced an economic theory called Cash Flow Quadrant that would soon become famous. Over 15 million copies of his books have been sold worldwide since their debut, and he has been recognized as one of America’s best-selling financial authors by Forbes magazine.
Financial education is your greatest asset
According to this book, money isn’t your greatest asset.

If people are prepared to be flexible, have an open mind, and learn, they will tend to get richer.

If a person thinks capital solves all their problems, they will usually have problems their whole lives.
“Intelligence solves problems and produces money, and money without financial intelligence is quickly lost,” says Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book.
The book recommends having knowledge of accounting, investing, markets, law, bidding, marketing, leadership, writing, public speaking, and communication.

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Download Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF

Today you can download Rich Dad Poor Dad Book PDF, which is written by Robert Kiyosaki. This book was written in an attempt to show people how to get rich, achieve financial freedom and secure a sound future. Written in plain language and illustrated with examples from his own life, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a useful guide about creating your own personal economy. The intention of Rich dad poor dad book pdf is to change lives for better through educating readers about wealth building and financial independence.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Download

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You’ll want to be as prepared as possible before you start shopping for insurance quotes. Here are the things you can do: check online or call around for quotes, work with an insurance broker, or do it on your own through an online or in-person shopping. Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF DownloadHere are some important facts about each of these options


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