How Student can Earn between 500 or 750$ using Google Translate 2021

Are you Student which want to earn money? If yes, then I am Going to share you some techniques from which you can earn money without giving much time, Most of the students do not find a way to start earning money, but today I will give you a way by which you can make money. Today I have share that how to earn money from Google Translate. Let’s learn to earn money from google translate. 

How you can make anywhere between 500 or 750 dollars using GoogleTranslate 

how to earn 500$ to 1000$ using GOOGLE TRANSLATE

I’m going to show you how you can earn $ 500- $ 750 using Google Translate. Now it will take a little work a little thought, but I will walk you through step by step. you are paying close attention, 

today i will teach you how to make money with google translate the first thing you’ll do is go to google and search for this website right here it’s called lidium.

How To Earn Money From Freelancing

It will be the first to appear or Let’s actually look at the second one that comes up and click on this one right here, where it says freelance and  now, let’s get back to that, so you go to go to this website here called lithium and what this website does is a weekly job posting that you can go into and start Completing for extra money so check this out if I scroll down they post jobs online in almost everything.

so basically your basic polls design the graphic design, so YouTube banners use ik and audio, so if you like to make music or videos, you can come here and get started. do these simple jobs to earn some extra money, but as I mentioned today, we will be focusing on translation and languages.

Find Project To Earn money

So it’s very simple to get started and the way it works, guys, so the first thing you’ll do is examine the projects as I just mentioned, they post all these jobs right here, you are going to browse through the jobs, select the job to start getting paid as you will go ahead and complete the project, complete it, send it, and return it to the person you hired him. three, you can start getting paid so it’s very simple, guys, navigate to the projects, pick a completed one and get paid now sign up. 

Register Your self To Earn Money

All you have to do is scroll to the top, click here where it says register and after you can register using basic information like your name, your email and create a username so that you can create your profile once you do, you will want to go back to the home page and start browsing through all the projects to I can start making some money so click here where it says browse and then click projects here so I like it again. I just said that you have many different projects that you can complete, for example, surveys, graphic design, social media, website registration, you already know all this, but today we are going to use it. 

Earn money from google translate

Google Translate to help us earn some extra money, so click here where it says translation and languages ​​after that, check this out guys, you can see all the jobs that are available and how much you will earn for the work that you complete, so let’s keep going ahead. 

And pick one really quick, I’d say this one right here, so translate the sales brochures so that a basic sales brochure someone is trying to sell a product or already knows if they are Bruce your brochu. This company here is going to pay between five hundred and a thousand dollars so you can go ahead and translate their brochure, now they have more information here, so exactly what they are going to want within this project, make sure you go ahead and read it. . that and then once you are ready you will go ahead, log in and bid, go ahead and bid for the project and again if we go back there are a lot of projects you could be doing within here .

How To Translate In Google Translate

so let’s check this out I’m going to translate Crowe hit the corporate summary here so let me go ahead and click this and see this, you can earn between five hundred or seven hundred fifty dollars, guys, just go ahead, create an account and bid for this project here, what they want what that translate is from Malay to English.

it will be 25 pages and it looks like it is another basic brochure, guys, now let me show you exactly how you are going to make money from it, so once you go ahead, bid on a project and create a deal, obviously You’re going to go to Google Translate to start translating these simple brochures right here, so I have this article in our Malaysian Guys brochure, so let me go ahead and grab one of these right here and just go to Google Translate and see what. pass. so I’m going to go ahead and copy that right there, go to Google Translate right now, so we’re inside the Google Translate website and it will detect the language, let’s see if it detects Malay, so let’s go ahead and paste that in there, so He had the techs check that out right now, this is where your work and you’re thinking it will come into play because obviously you don’t want to be some kind of generic dummy and just do the basic translation right translation, some of which is not going to make sense

So let’s go ahead and read this. Make this movement Malaysia not fully prepared for impeachment or liberation strategy, so obviously the words of the look are a bit mixed up around so you will have to go ahead and read it. and make sure the translated document really makes sense to the English guys because obviously you can’t just send any little thing and you don’t expect to get paid for it, they will review it and if it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t meet their standards, you will be rejected and they won’t pay you for the work, so you’re going to use google translate or start translating after that you’re going to want to do a pre-reading yourself.

Make sure it makes sense before submitting the project now you’re probably thinking right what What if I still don’t do it right? What if it still doesn’t make sense? okay, well, you’re going to do this simple step here. You’re going to go to this website called here. awkward communication communication so awkward that we’re going to hire a real professional translator or someone who is more native to the language, so right now all you’re going to do is go ahead and write Malay translator or Spanish translator. in malay, click search and check this out.

 In fact, you can hire a male native speaker to help translate this right here, so once you’re done, all you have to do is go ahead, message them and ask them to do a review for you and you can hire them for as low as $ 12 an hour or check this out guys eight bucks an hour nine bucks an hour guys 22 bucks an hour you’ll still make some profit once you complete the lithium job so once you go come here Guys, go ahead and click on one of their profiles and the next thing you can do is message them, so go ahead and create an account and message them and let them know what you’re doing. I am translating work. 

Earn Money From Lithium

Guys, you can go and start chatting with him, let him know the situation, let him know exactly what he’s doing and obviously if they accept it. you can start hiring him to help you do the translation and make sure it’s done right, so once you get back to the lithium guys, know that you will have a secure job, that you will have the right job for them, and that you could submit it for them and get paid for your project, so go ahead, check the tolithio guys, check it out, create a profile and get started with some of the jobs inside here, not just those guys but you can do a lot of other different jobs too like graphic design, so if you guys like to create posters or banners for YouTube, Facebook or whatever, you can come here and get some extra work and also pay in Bitcoin or Aetherium.

So if you are all over the cryptocurrency, You can go Read and get paid in Bitcoin using this website now, at the end of this blog, guys as I mentioned, I had a very special bonus where I was going to show you exactly how I made an extra hundred dollars using my computer.

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