A Letter To The God Notes And Summary | Class 10 English Chapter 1 Summary

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Class 10 Chapter 1 A Letter To God Notes with Summary

Class 10 English chapter 1 A letter to god notes and summary
Class 10 English chapter 1 A letter to god notes

Chapter Sketch of A Letter To The God

This story recounts the hard life and a extreme faith in God of a poor farmer named (Lencho) lived in mountain of the city who has lost his crop due to heavy rainfall and hailstones. Him total Crop was the only source of income to fulfil his family’s needs and desires. He is a firmly believers of a God , he think that God will help him in such a difficult situation and would not let him alone and his family die due to hunger and Starvation. He decided to writes a letter to the God to seek help. He lencho letter was found to Some kind good employees of the post office who decided to helped him. So, this story tells us to have faith in God and never lose hope in difficult and adverse situations. And Always do hard work no problem what is happening. 

About the Characters In A Letter to God

Lencho – Lencho was a name of Farmer . He is a poor farmer who lives on the crest of a low hill if the town with his family. He was a blind and deepest believer of God. He is innocent, hopeful, caring and responsible.
Postmaster – The  Post master is the employees of post office, Which is A fat, amiable fellow who helped Lencho to retain his faith in God. He gave a part of his salary in the charity for Lencho on behalf of God without telling him name.
Post Office Employees – People who helped Lencho in adverse situation on postmaster’s call. They first laughed at Lencho when they saw the letter they totally shocked  and helped him in his need. Lencho called them “a bunch of crooks”.

Explanation Of Class 10 English Chapter 1 – A Letter To God

In The explanation Of class 10 ch 1 A letter to the God I try to cover the NCERT whole theory in short this will save your time and you can cover it easily. This to me saver notes will also help in the revision in the exam time, You can also say this as Class 10 English Chapter 1 A Letter to God short notes.

A Letter to God by G.L Fuentes Class 10

The story “A Letter to God” Is written by G.L. Fuentes depicts unwavering faith of a farmer in God. It begins with a farmer, who’s named is Lencho expecting for a good rain shower to nourish his field of corn. He is very confident about his harvest that this will going to yield him huge profits just like it does every year. To his utmost excitement, rainfall did happen and Lencho compared rain fall with 5 and 10 cent coins but sooner, this rainfall turned into a hailstorm which destroyed his whole crop field. The damage by hailstorm posed a threat to the family’s survival as their entire livelihood was dependent on the year’s produce. Although disheartened, the family had robust belief in the almighty.


Lencho, despite having worked day and night at the field, also knew how to write and thus, he decided to write a letter to God explaining his adverse situation and asking for help of money. He went to town to post his letter addressed “To God”. This  letter is being noticed by the fellow postmaster, at first amused him, but then motivated him want to do something for the farmer which facing difficulty so as to keep his immense belief in God . He contributes money from his salary and collects money from his colleagues and friends at post office who willingly contributed for an act of charity. To his dismay, he could only collect 70 pesos which he wrapped in an envelope to make it seem like a reply from the deity


On having found the letter, the writer (Lencho) is not at all shocked, because he is innocent and a blind believer of God but instead, he gets angry on finding that the amount is less than what he had expected to get. He again writes a letter to God conveying his disappointment and distrust in the employees of the post office who he thought had stolen the remaining amount of 30 pesos . Although, his wishes get fulfilled partially, if not completely, he is ungrateful in the end and questions the honesty and modesty of the post-masters who actually helped him with money (anonymously) in the name of god. He Called the post office employees ” A brunch of crooks “.


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