Birth Class 11 English Chapter 7 Summary, Explanation| Birth Class 11 English Chapter 7 Summary

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Birth Class 11 Chapter Sketch

Dr Andrew Manson has just begun his medical practice in the small Welsh mining town of Blaenelly. When he returns from a terrible evening with his girlfriend Christine, Joe Morgan approaches Dr Andrew Manson to help in the delivery of his wife. Dr Andrew Manson has to put in much labour in the delivery, as the mother requires much attention before she isrevived.

Further, the baby was not breathing at birth. Using all his knowledge and intuition, Dr Andrew Manson makes more efforts to revive the child. After almost half an hour of frantic efforts, he succeeds and comes away with a sense of achievement.

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Birth Class 11 Chapter Summary

Joe Morgan was Waiting for Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew had recently graduated from medical college. He was practising as an assistant to Dr Edward Page in a small Welsh mining town named Blaenelly. One night he was returning home when he found Joe Morgan waiting for him outside the clinic. He had been there for more than an hour and now was relaxed to see the doctor. He informed that the doctor was needed at their home as his wife was expecting to deliver the a baby.

He was worried for both his wife and child as it was their first child after 20 years of marriage. Hearing Joe, Dr. Andrew who was in his own thoughts, got his bag and went to number 12 Blaina Terrace (Joe’s House).

A Tough Case of Mrs. Morgan

On their journey, Andrew felt tired. He had no idea how important this case would be for his career. When they reached their destination, Joe stopped outside the house and requested Dr Andrew to go inside alone. Through a narrow staircase the doctor reached a small and clean but a scantily furnished room. He found two women beside the patient, Susan Morgan’s mother, a tall, grey-haired woman of nearly seventy, and an
elderly midwife.

Susan’s mother offered Dr. Andrew a cup of tea. Upon realising that she felt that he would leave due to the waiting period. Dr Andrew told her to relax. He knew that if he went home he wouldn’t be able to relax. So he decided to stay there. After an hour, he checked on his patient and came down. There was absolute silence except for the sound of Joe’s hurried footsteps. He could sense the worry of Joe and Susan’s mother.

Andrew’s Dilemma

While he waited by the Kitchen fire, Dr. Andrew went into his thoughts. He was faced
with a dilemma of marriage with his lover, Christine. He loved Christine but at the
same time remembered the lives of other married males around him. He remembered
Bramwell and Dr. Edward Page, whose marriages are dismal failures. The dilemma of
his emotions for Christine and his rational mind made him resentful. He was confused
and his thoughts were only filled with Christine.

Hope for the Child

Dr Andrew was so deep in his thoughts that the voice of Susan’s mother surprised him. She informed him that her daughter didn’t want him to give her chloroform if it would harm the baby. Dr Andrew replied that it would do no harm. Just then he heard the midwife’s voice. It was half-past three and according to him, it was time for him to start working on the delivery.

The Delivery

After a harsh struggle of an hour, a lifeless boy was born. This terrified Dr. Andrew who had promised to keep the baby healthy. However, he was in a tough situation. He was divided in trying to resuscitate the baby and his obligation to help Susan who was in a desperate state. He was so hurried in the situation that he gave the baby to the nurse and focused on helping Susan. Susan was losing strength as well as her pulse.

Dr. Andrew hurriedly gave the injection to the mother (Susan). When he felt that Susan was safe, he moved to tend to the child. The nurse had hidden the child under the bed. Dr. Andrew pulled out the child who he diagnosed with asphyxia, pallida (lack of oxygen).

Dr Andrew’s Efforts to Save the Child

Dr Andrew recalled a case he had once seen in the Samaritan (a medical journal) and the treatment that was given. He asked the midwife to quickly get hot water and cold water along with two bowls. Then he mixed hot and cold water in the bowls and started as special method of respiration.

Then, he started plunging the child once into the icy water and then into the steaming bath alternately. Fifteen minutes passed and nothing happened. Dr. Andrew was filled with hopelessness. However, he remembered Susan’s longing for the child. He could also feel the dejection of Susan’s mother. So, he decided to give one
more try. The midwife who has been seeing Dr. Andrew tried to stop him. But, he paid no attention to her.

The Miracle

Dr. Andrew started rubbing the child’s chest with a rough towel trying to get breath into the limp body. Then, as if by a miracle, the child slowly started breathing. The sight made Dr. Andrew redouble his efforts. Soon, the child gave a cry.

The Happy News

After the child came alive, Dr. Andrew felt tired. He saw the mess in the room and Susan’s mother praying. So, he
addressed the nurse and told her that he was leaving and would get his bag later.
He went downstairs, drank water and left the house. At the gate, he gave Joe the happy news and moved ahead. It was morning then and people were going for their morning shifts. Andrew was unaware of his surrounding when he realised that he had first successful case that would change his future.

Birth Word Meanings

The given page numbers correspond to the pages in the prescribed NCERT textbook.

Word – Meaning
excerpt – extract
medical practice – work as a doctor
welsh – in Wales
mining town – a town where most people work in a coal mine
disappointing – unhappy
surgery – operating room
burly – large and strong
driller – a miner who uses a drill machine
missus – wife (informal)
ye – you
before time – the delivery is going to be before the due date
contemplation of – thinking about
mystery – secrecy
perceptive – energetic
premonition – idea
drew up short – stopped
strain – tiredness
stout – strongly built
midwife – woman trained to help in childbirth
bach – dear
leave the case – not stay till the delivery was completed
fret – worry
overwrought – very tired
snatch – take
lethargy of spirit – lack of enthusiasm
cinder – partly burnt piece of coal
grate – fireplace
paced – walked slowly
muddled – mixed up
obsessed him – dominated his thinking
morbidly – negatively
sordidly – unpleasantly
shrewish – quarrelsome
reason – reasoning
dismal – disappointing
wince – feel pain
idyllic – perfect
otherwise – differently
admitted – allowed
level, doubting – reasonably doubtful
overflowing – full of emotions
broodingly – worryingly
started – jerked suddenly
addressed – talked to
meditation – thinking
pursued a different course – followed a different line of thought
awful set upon – very much wanting
ay – yes
fancy – believe
collected – calmed
top landing – top of the stairs
perceived – realised
elapsed – passed
harsh – hard
streaks of dawn – light of morning
strayed past – came through
blind – sunshade
still form – lifeless body
torn between – feeling two opposing thoughts
resuscitate – bring back to life
desperate – critical
dilemma – choice
instinctively – without thinking
collapsed – unconscious
pulseless – not having the pulse of life
not yet out of the ether – not become conscious
frantic – agitated
ebbing – receding
glass ampoule – sealed glass capsule with liquid medicine
hypodermic syringe – needle used to inject liquid medicine in the bloodstream
unsparingly – without a break
flaccid – lifeless
strengthened – started beating properly
in his shirt sleeves – in only his shirt without a jacket over it
brow – forehead
frightened gesture – indication with fear
in a flash – immediately
fishing – searching
sodden – soaked
tallow – animal fat
cord – umbilical cord connecting the mother to the child in her womb
of a lovely texture – with a wonderful feel
lolled – hung loosely
haggard frown – worried and tried look
asphyxia pallida – an abnormal medical condition in a newly born baby who appears pale and limp, temporarily unable to breathe and having a slow heart action
the Samaritan – name of a medical journal
threw out – spoke quickly
basins – large bowls
pallid – pale
respiration – breathing
ewer – a large jug with a wide mouth
frantically – desperately
Word – Meaning
crazy juggler – madman moving the child quickly
raging hopelessness – fierce disappointment
stark – evident
consternation – feeling of anxiety
longing – desiring
dashed away – finished
draggled – dirty and wet
stumbling – tripping over
sopping – drenched
whimpered – spoke in a crying tone
stillborn – born dead
heed – listen to
crushing – squeezing
limp – motionless
by a miracle – mysteriously
pigmy – small
convulsive – jerky
heave – gasp
turned giddy – became weak
unavailing – ineffective
exquisite – enjoyable
gasping – breathing hard
mucus – viscous liquid
iridescent – sparkling
spinelessly – loosely
blanched – pale
hysterically – uncontrollably
shuddering litter – total mess
soiled – dirty
impaled – stuck
scullery – room for washing dishes
expectant – hopeful
thickly – in a hard to understand tone
spent – tired
footfalls – sounds made by feet while walking
oblivious – unaware

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