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Bholi Summary Class 10 english

Bholi as a Child

Bholi’s real name was Sulekha but from her childhood everyone called her Bholi. She was the fourth daughter out of the seven children of Ramlal, Numberdar of the village. When Bholi was 10 months old she had fallen off the cot which had damaged some part of her brain. Since then she remained a backward child Further, when she was two years old, she suffered from an attack of small pox and her entire body was disfigured by deep black pock-marks. She learned to speak at the age of five and stammered while speaking. So, children used to make fun of her.

Bholi’s Family

Bholi’s father was a rich farmer who sent his sons to the city for studies. The eldest daughter, Radha was already married whereas Mangla and Champa were good looking and healthy girls. Ramlal was worried only about Bholi as she was neither beautiful nor intelligent

Bholi Goes to School

Bholi was seven years old when a primary school opened in their village. The Tehsildar who had come to inaugurate the school advised Ramlal to send his daughter to school to set an example for others. Ramlal could not say no to him. His wife objected that no one would marry the girls if they would go to school. But then she felt that Bholi was ugly and nobody would marry her. So, they decided to send Bholi to school.

Bholi Prepares for School

Next day, Bholi was dressed to go to school. Bholi was given new clothes for the school. Earlier she used to wear old clothes of her sisters. She was given a bath and oil was rubbed into her dry hair. Bholi didn’t know where she was being taken but was happy that her mother got her ready. Bholi was filled with fear when her father went back to village after handling her to the headmistress. Her headmistress asked her to sit in a corner in one of the classrooms. She was glad to see girls of her own age at school.

Bholi’s First Day at School

Bholi was attracted to the colourful pictures on the wall. She was much impressed by the realistic pictures of birds and animals. The teacher asked her name. Bholi stammered and then started crying. After the class was over, the teacher went back to Bholi. She called her lovingly and encouraged her to tell her name. This time Bholi tried to speak her name and was successful. The teacher told Bholi to come to school everyday.

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Bholi Summary Class 10

The Teacher Gives her a Book

The teacher gave a book to Bholi which had pictures of dog, cat, goat, etc. The teacher told her that she would be able to read like everyone else and then no one would laugh at her. Bholi way happy as the teacher encouraged Bholi and gave her a hope of a new life.

Progress of Village

Many years passed, the village progressed and converted into a small town. The primary school became a high school. There were now a cinema under a tin shed and a cotton ginning mill. The mail train began to stop at their railway station.

Bholi’s Marriage Proposal

One night after dinner Ramlal and his wife were talking about a marriage proposal for Bholi. Bishamber was forty five or fifty years old and lame widower. He had grown up children from his first wife. Bishamber was rich and had not demanded any dowry. Ramlal was not very happy from this proposal but his wife believed that it was the best marriage proposal for Bholi. She told Ramlal that since Bishamber was from another village, he didn’t know about Bholi’s pockmarks and lack of sense. So, they fixed her marriage with Bishamber.

Wedding Procession

On the day of the wedding, Bishamber came as a bridegroom with his friends and family with a lot. When he was about to put garland around Bholi’s neck he saw her face. On seeing her pock marks. Bishamber asked for a dowry of five thousand rupees and threatened to leave without marrying Bholi, if not given. Ramlal pleaded to him but at last he brought the amount of Rs 5,000. Seeing this, Bholi put away her veil and threw the garland in the fire. She refused to marry Bishamber and asked her father to take the money back. The guests started murmuring and shaming Bholi, but she took a firm stand.

The Courageous Bholi

When Bisamber and everyone went away, Ramlal asked Bholi what she would do with her future. Bholi told him that she would not marry and take care of her parents in their old age. She also told them that she would teach at the school just like her teacher. Sulekha’s teacher who was watching all this drama approved Bholi’s decision. She smiled at her with satisfaction just like an artist who is satisfied after completing her masterpiece.

Bholi Class 10 Word Meanings

Bholi Class 10 Summary Class 10 English Chapter 9
class 10 bholi Word Meaning


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